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PRAISE for Standard Deviations:

"Lucid.  Merciless. Unforgettable. "

                                                   – William Gibson

"An insightful, talented (and sober) writer able to capture exotic places and spin out a vastly entertaining yarn."

— Newsweek

"Karl Taro Greenfeld is a lively, pungent prose stylist and perceptive observer of the human mess all around him."

— The Washington Post

"We have, indeed -- however wild the details -- a classic bildungsroman, a coming-of-age novel, something li
ke a "Wilhelm Meister" for our times."

— Donald Richie,The Japan Times

"The author's jaunty, intimate narrative style makes it easy to imagine the Goa raves, Jakarta brothels and Bangkok slums he visited during his postcollege years."

— Entertainment Weekly

"An insider's book, a wonderful account of travel in the decadent East."

— Paul Theroux

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